Sample letters of sympathy are at websites YourDictionary, Quick Condolence and WriteExpress. Some of the samples use general language for anyone who has suffered the loss of a loved one; others are specific to the loss ... More » Education Writing notes that messages in a sympathy card may include phrases such as "You are in my thoughts," "My sincerest sympathy," "Sent with love and remembrance," "Peace, Prayers, and Blessings" and "May your h... More »

Pet sympathy cards are greeting cards sent to people who have lost their pets. The card contains words of comfort and encouragement for the grieving pet owner. More » Holidays & Celebrations

An example of wording a sympathy card is, "My heart goes out to you during your time of sorrow." If you knew the deceased personally, write a message like, "Dorothy was a great source of inspiration to me and will never ... More » Education Writing

Some examples of sympathy messages include expressing sorrow for the loss, saying that deep sadness is felt, and mentioning that the individual is being remembered in thoughts and prayers. Hallmark lists several categori... More » Education Writing

Some examples of primary sources include diaries, personal letters, speeches and first-hand newspaper reports. Creative works such as novels and poems are primary sources, as are multimedia sources such as photographs or... More » Education Writing

There are many examples of greetings or salutations used in writing letters. The most common example is "Dear" and to whom the letter is addressed. This salutation is appropriate for most types of letters, whether the wr... More »