Some words of sympathy that people can give to someone for the loss of a mother are "we are sorry for your loss," "we are thinking about your wonderful mother," "our thoughts are with you and your family" and "we will mi... More »

While sympathy and thank you notes require different wording, both types of notes should be heartfelt, personal and specific. Notes in either circumstance start with a greeting, add details in the body and end with a war... More »

When writing a sympathy thank you card, you can be very brief. An example of a sympathy thank you card message is "Your kindness and sympathy will always be held in grateful remembrance." More » Education

Some messages to write in a sympathy card, as suggested by Hallmark, include, "I am sorry for your loss," "My heartfelt sympathy goes out to you," "My thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time," "Y... More »

Condolence messages to a grieving family specifically expresses sympathy for the family's loss and support and provide support by assuring the family that the message sender's thoughts are with the family. A brief apprec... More »

When someone passes away, appropriate things to say include "I'm sorry for your loss," "I'm here if you need anything," and "Please accept my sympathy." A person can also ask, "How are you feeling?" to give his friend a ... More » Holidays & Celebrations

When someone dies, it's appropriate to express sympathy with phrases such as, "I am sorry for your loss," or "You and your loved one are in my thoughts." It's equally appropriate to lend support to the people affected by... More »