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Making your cat physically comfortable is an important part of easing her passing. Medications such as painkillers can be helpful. Talk to your cat's veterinarian to determine what medications may be useful.


The human body undergoes many physical changes as it prepares for death. The process of dying is also an emotional one, reports nonprofit organization, Hospice Net. Everyone deals with their impending death differently, so not everyone experiences the same emotions.


Some words of comfort are to offer the person friendship and support and to acknowledge that the person is going through a difficult time. Comforting words also include sharing positive memories, sympathizing with the person's emotions and offering the person hope that ...


When a person is dying, physical symptoms include hands, feet and legs becoming cold; fingers, earlobes lips and nail beds turning a bluish or grey color; reduced blood pressure; and an increased but weaker heart rate. Fever is also common near death, according to Compa...


A dying star is a called a "red giant." This is a star whose diameter is many times greater than that of the sun (despite the fact that it is cooler). The brightness of a red giant comes from its shell, which is still burning hydrogen.


Some symptoms that indicate a dog is near death include incontinence, dulling eyes, sadness, or when the dog seeks a quiet place or barely moves. Dogs go through various stages during their last moments; thus, identifying these symptoms is important in getting prepared ...


The symptoms of a dying cat vary depending on the reason, although common symptoms include lowered heart rate and respiration, decrease in blood pressure and body temperature, anorexia and incontinence. A cat's behavior can also be a sign of imminent death, especially i...