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Communion Here’s a simple pattern for a communion service that you can share with your group. (Source Gathering for worship (Baptist Union of Great Britain.) INVITATION TO THE TABLE Come to this table, not because you must but because you may, not because you are strong, but because you are weak. Come, not because any goodness of your


The Service of the Word; The Service of Communion; In those essays, I posited a Generic Christian church—something on the order of an Orthodox Catholic Anglican Protestant church—that is ecumenically broad enough to be in Communion with all contemporary mainline church organizations, yet historically deep enough to be true to our common ...


We always try to bulid the service around the Lord's Supper. We have done a whole meal with the Lord's Supper at the end. The most meaningful communion service for me was on a fire bas in Viet Nam when a bunch of us got together. Had no bread or grape juice, so we tore off pieces of a box and drank water.


*Words for this and the other communion services on this blog are not entirely my own. Obviously some of it is scriptural, but I have adopted and adapted phrases from communion services from many different traditions.


in the communion service. ‘Eucharist’ comes from a Greek word meaning ‘thanksgiving’ and the service itself is one in which we give thanks for the gift of God’s Son and of the Spirit through him. The diversity of words points to a richness of meaning in the Lord’s Supper. The Lord’s Supper is one of the central


A SERVICE OF WORD AND TABLE III. This service is found in UMH 15–16 and provides only spoken congregational responses for Holy Communion. It is designed to give those who design and lead the service a high degree of flexibility and freedom. The service through the Entrance and the Proclamation and Response is guided by a bulletin or by ...


The Service of Communion always immediately follows the Service of the Word. If you are attentive, you can see how it recapitulates the entire Easter story, from Palm Sunday to the Resurrection. The Jewish parallel to the Service of Communion is the kiddush after the service, following the pattern in Nehemiah 8.

www9.big.or.jp/~grace/handbook/Pg 99-128.pdf

The officiating pastor should prepare for serving Communion in the following way: Before the service, go over the words of the ritual again, to prepare one’s own heart. Check well in advance to make sure those who are responsible for preparing the elements have made final arrangements at the communion table to avoid the distraction of last


The Lighthouse Prayer & Communion Music: With the same purpose of Unity in mind, you are also invited to enjoy “The Lighthouse Prayer” as well as other songs ideal for your Communion Service by using the links below or by visiting Ann’s YouTube Channel: See Playlist


Featured on this page are several prayers and resources for celebrating Holy Communion.There is a traditional Anglican prayer for the congregation to say before communion, as well as short prayers for the priest or celebrant to say whilst adminstering the bread and wine.