Sign a greeting card with meaningful words according to the occasion the card is meant for. Different occasions require certain phrases, words of encouragement or celebratory comments. More » Holidays & Celebrations

Compendium sells a line of inspirational greeting cards called On Words Inspiration in a wide variety of specialty gift stores and online through its website Its inspirational greeting cards contain th... More » Holidays & Celebrations

Some popular Christmas greeting words and phrases include: "Merry Christmas," "Happy Holidays" and "Merry Christmas and a happy New Year." Though these three are the most commonly used phrases of greeting during the Chri... More » Holidays & Celebrations Holidays Christmas
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Things to write in a card include a reference to the occasion that prompted the card and something personal between the writer and the recipient, such as an inside joke or a good memory. Appropriate card messages vary de... More » Holidays & Celebrations

Some online greeting card companies enable customers to add a personal photo to their cards in order to customize them, whether it's a thank you card, an engagement announcement card, a birthday card or a card for anothe... More » Holidays & Celebrations

When writing a house-warming greeting card, focus on welcoming the recipients to your community and introducing yourself. Keep the card light-hearted, and add a joke if you have one. More » Holidays & Celebrations

When writing a thank you card in response to an invitation to a dinner or any other event, a person should include a greeting, show thanks for the invitation, include details about attendance and end with a phrase showin... More » Holidays & Celebrations