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Word puzzle generators are available from a variety of websites. Generators allow for customizable content that can be used for either educational or recreational purposes.


The website IndieGames.com published a list of its best 2012 puzzle games, with a game called Corrypt reaching the top of its list for that year. All of these games come from independent developers and vary wildly in the types of challenges they give the player.


Popular puzzle games include “Red Bugs Puzzle,” “Cut the Rope” and “Wacky Ballz 2.” Another free puzzle game is “Slime Laboratory 2.” The games are available at Miniclip.com.


Free word search puzzles can be played online at wordgames.com. Free printable word search puzzles can be found at puzzles.ca. Wordgames also has a large and varied selection to choose from.


Some free word search puzzles available online include Word Kingdom, Bookworm, Jumble Solitaire, Chain Letters, Letter Garden, The Book of Treasures, Wordstone and WordRomp. Games.com and WordGames.com offer these and many other different types of free puzzle games.


When creating a word search puzzle, keep the size of the puzzle small. A smaller puzzle allows players to finish more quickly and find words more regularly, keeping them interested.


Free puzzles can be found online at Games.com. The website offers a wide range of puzzle options, from Hidden Objects, Jigsaw, Sudoku, Spot the Difference and Word Games to Typing Games and Brain Games. Other games include Room Escape, Match-3 and Collapse.


The object of a "spot the difference" puzzle is to identify the number of differences between two images that are almost identical. The images are often drawings, photographs or computer graphics, with certain details slightly amended or removed.


It is possible to play word games and puzzles online: cross words, word searches, and others (Spellbound, Word Fission and Typing Speed). WordGames.com, Shockwave.com and Games.Yahoo.com all offer online word games. Other types of word games and puzzles include vocabulary tests, riddles, and scrambl


Some educational websites that offer free printable word puzzles are Education World and Student Handouts. The Education World website provides monthly word search and phonics word search puzzles that teachers or parents can print out and use with students. There are numerous phonics word search puz