Tips for building a wood shed include designing the structure so it provides protection from the elements while allowing enough air circulation to season the wood and prevent rot. Place the shed far enough from the house... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

Building a 10-foot by 12-foot shed requires several different types of wood in different cuts and quantities, including pieces for studs, joists, headers and trim pieces, among others. Follow the material list on the pla... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Carpentry

To build a storage shed ramp, attach a ledger board to the shed, and dig an area for the concrete block foundation of the ramp before setting the concrete blocks and attaching a support board. Then, cut and anchor the ra... More » Home & Garden Outdoor
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Tips for moving a shed include emptying the contents prior to the move, raising the shed and using polls to roll it to a new location and disassembling larger structures that may be more easily transported in sectional p... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

A good wood stain meets environmental regulations (e.g., low levels of volatile organic compounds), penetrates the wood and gives it long lasting protection from the elements. More » Home & Garden Outdoor

Tips for building a children's sandbox include making sure that the ground is level, placing the natural curve of each board of the frame facing into the sandbox to prevent warping, and using leftover pieces of the wood ... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

Tips for creating a site development plan include reviewing the appropriate county and state building laws to ensure proper compliance, meeting with clients and architects to confirm the needs of the structure, and focus... More » Business & Finance Business Resources