Hardwood floors can look warm and glossy or dull and grimy. To keep wooden floors looking their best, maintain them regularly, and use only appropriate cleaners on the surface. More »

Care for hardwood floors by sweeping up dirt, mopping carefully, quickly removing excess moisture and removing marks. Take care to use only products approved for hardwood floors. More » Home & Garden Cleaning

Some highly rated polish products for wood floors include brands like Bona, Libman and Pledge. These are all store-bought wood polish products that are easy to find and inexpensive. More » Home & Garden Cleaning Cleaning Products
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Clean laminate wood floors by dusting them with a dust mop and then mopping the floors with a thick microfiber mop and a water-vinegar solution. Finish by buffing the floor to a shine with a dry microfiber mop head. Avoi... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

Good methods for cleaning wood floors include dusting the floor before cleaning, vacuuming the floors with a floor brush and damp mopping, notes Better Homes and Gardens (BHG). Rubbing with steel wool and floor wax and s... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

To make wood floors shine, sweep them daily to prevent grime from scratching the surface, mix a homemade cleaner, mop the floors weekly using the cleaner, and buff the floor to a shine using a towel. You need a broom or ... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

Hardwood floors that turn gray require sanding and refinishing. Floors develop a gray cast when the finish erodes or incurs damage from improper cleaning. The only way to restore the floor's natural color is to remove th... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Carpentry