According to as of 2015, companies that produce the most popular wood carving tools include Stanley, FlexCut and Irwin. Specific products that have received many positive reviews on include Stanley ... More »

Some sources for woodcarving patterns include the site Carving Patterns and Woodcarving Illustrated magazine. These resources both offer a wide variety of woodcarving patterns for users of all skills levels. More »

Some online resources that sell wood carving supplies are Smoky Mountain Woodcarvers Supply, Highland Woodworking and Wood Carvers Supply, Inc. The Smoky Mountain Woodcarvers Supply site has a complete listing of differe... More »

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The number of wood carving chisels needed to enjoy the art depends entirely on personal choice and how well the tools are used. While a single chisel can be used to carve a masterpiece, a variety of tool sizes can make t... More »

Menards sells tools from brands such as Bosch, MasterForce, Black & Decker, Tool Shop and Stanley. The company sells a wide variety of power tools, including drills, sanders, saws, grinders and air compressors. More »

Robust Woodturning Tools, Vega Woodworking and NOVA Woodworking are examples of companies that produce wood lathes. Robust Woodturning and Vega Woodworking are American companies; NOVA Woodworking is owned by an internat... More »

The Stanley 28923 leaf vacuum bag, Toro Blower 51601 Vac replacement vacuum bag and the Black & Decker BV-008 disposable blower vac leaf bags are positively rated leaf vacuum bags. Each of these vacuum bags has at least ... More »