Business attire is clothing that is acceptable in a work environment, and it ranges from professional to casual. Employees typically follow individual dress code policies set by an employer. More »

Business attire is clothing that is dressy without being too formal. Business attire is often recommended for meetings, interviews and other business events. More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing Dress Codes

Attire that is considered business-casual is determined by any dress codes that are in place at work and sometimes by the preferences of the person in charge, which means the definition can vary widely by workplace. The ... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing Dress Codes

Formal attire refers to clothing that is suitable for formal events such as parties, weddings, dances, business functions and dinners. Formal attire for men typically consists of tuxedos and ties, while women's formal at... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing Dress Codes

Respect of coworkers is important to cultivate the business relationships that are essential for an effective and comfortable work environment. Respecting coworkers will allow coworkers to give respect and will create a ... More »

When planning a safety moment before a business meeting, make sure the subject chosen is relevant to the work environment and that it's timely as well as pertinent to the season or a current project. Remind presenters to... More »

In office exam rooms, a veterinarian or technician usually wears a clean, white lab coat over scrubs or street clothing. Protective attire, such as scrubs, disposable shoe covers and caps, is worn in surgery. When workin... More »