A baby wolverine is called a "kit," the same name given to baby foxes. Two or three kits are usually born at a time, and these groups are called a "litter."

A baby wolverine can be called either a cub or kit. They are born fully furred with white fur in litters of an average of two or three kits per pregnancy.

The kangaroo has a few predators including the dingo, humans, foxes and eagles. It should be noted, however, that it is only baby kangaroos that are eaten by foxes and eagles.


A baby kangaroo is also referred to as a joey. An adult female kangaroo is sometimes called a flyer, while an adult male is known as a boomer.

A baby kangaroo is known as a joey. Female kangaroos are called flyers, while male kangaroos are known as boomers.

Baby possums keep the same diet as adults, which consists of garbage, carrion, grass, nuts, fruit, mice and even birds and chickens. A baby often accompanies its mother on hunts, riding along on her back, and possums and...

Advice for raising baby possums, including how to keep them warm and what to feed them, is listed on the Rainbow Wildlife Rescue and websites. Animal rescue and rehabilitation agencies strongly recommend that...