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Laws vary based on the state and the purpose of the signature, but, in most cases, notaries public can witness any signatures except their own. When a notary public is not available, witnesses generally must be at least 18 years of age and of competent mind.


Signatures that are witnessed hold up to closer scrutiny by the judicial system. By using witnessed signatures, parties ensure their intent is effectively communicated. Some types of documents must be notarized; that is the signatures on them must be witnessed by a notary public, reports Wikipedia.


If a notary is asked to witness a signature, the notary simply observes an individual signing a specified document, according to the American Society of Notaries. Documents that can be witnessed by a notary do not require an oath or affirmation.


Some websites that offer free signatures include My Live Signature and Online Signature. These sites offer free, customizable signatures that can be added to forms, websites, blog posts, forum posts, documents and email messages.


In order to change your email signature, you need to launch your email program and click on the "Settings" link. Find the "Signature" section in the "Settings".


A legal signature is one which indicates the signer's intent to comply with the terms of a contract. This signature can be either physical or electronic; the only requirement is that the signature be both voluntary and legitimate.


Types of checks that require two signatures include business checks used for cash disbursements, according to Kreischer Miller. It is also possible to set up personal joint checking accounts featuring checks that require two signatures, says Bankrate.


The significance of a cool or stylish signature is that it can provide important clues about individual personality traits, and it can be used to draw attention and recognition. A cool signature often includes an unplanned combination of elements such as letter formation, spacing, boldness of stroke


To write your closing signature, select an ending salutation, follow this with a comma, and write your signature below the salutation. If you have a job title, list it below your signature.


Create an electronic signature by signing a piece of paper and scanning it onto the computer for later use in digital documents. For Mac and Windows users, creating a digital signature can be done using either a webcam or by uploading the signature to a website.