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Laws vary based on the state and the purpose of the signature, but, in most cases, notaries public can witness any signatures except their own. When a notary public is not available, witnesses generally must be at least 18 years of age and of competent mind.


Signatures that are witnessed hold up to closer scrutiny by the judicial system. By using witnessed signatures, parties ensure their intent is effectively communicated. Some types of documents must be notarized; that is the signatures on them must be witnessed by a notary public, reports Wikipedia.


If a notary is asked to witness a signature, the notary simply observes an individual signing a specified document, according to the American Society of Notaries. Documents that can be witnessed by a notary do not require an oath or affirmation.


According to The Law Dictionary, the p.p. signature occurs at the end of a letter and designates that someone is signing a letter on behalf of another person. The p.p. has Latin roots and stands for per procurationem.


According to Investopedia, a signature loan is a personal loan that does not require collateral to secure, typically issued by a bank or other financial institution. The loan is issued based on the customer's signature on the loan papers and his word that the loan is to be repaid. Because the loan i


A legal signature is one which indicates the signer's intent to comply with the terms of a contract. This signature can be either physical or electronic; the only requirement is that the signature be both voluntary and legitimate.


A signature block in a letter tells the reader who the author is, what the author does and how to get in touch with the author. A signature block should be concise and contain only the author's name, title and contact information, according to Smashing Magazine.


A bank signature card is a form used by banks to authenticate its customers' signatures for certain transactions. A bank account cannot be opened legally without the completion of a bank signature card. This card is kept on file at the bank, and is the primary means of identifying the user of a part


A signature guarantee stamp is a stamp from one of three Medallion signature guarantee programs used in the trading of securities. A security that is owned as a physical certificate must be signed before it may be transferred or sold, and this stamp guarantees the signature is legitimate.


An artist's signature can increase the price of an art piece by twofold. In most cases, an artist considers signing their work a valuable source of increased income. An artist's signature also attests to the authenticity of the work.