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According to the National Institutes of Health, disease-causing agents, also referred to as infectious agents, are any of a number of microbes that are capable of causing disease. classify disease-causing agents into six groups: bacteria, viruses, fungi, helminths, protozoa and prions.


A booking agent, also called a talent agent, usually works for a talent agency and networks with people who need to hire entertainers, who serve as the agent's clients. Some job duties may include arranging meetings, scheduling engagements, conducting auditions, dealing with finances and negotiating


Some wise quotes about love can be found on Brownielocks, such as "Love is the fruit in season at all times," by Mother Teresa. Other love quotes by Jean Anouilh and Agnes Repplier also appear on the Brownielocks website.


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Insurance agents sell prepaid health, auto and life insurance policies that offer holders access to financial benefits in case of personal injury or property damage. Agents typically work as part of an insurance company or a brokerage firm that provides these insurance policies.


To become an insurance agent, an individual needs to have either a high school diploma or bachelor's degree, complete on-the-job training and earn licensure in the state in which he works. An agent also might choose to earn certification for a specific type of insurance specialty.


To be successful in life, individuals must never give up on their dreams, notes Addicted2Success.com. Individuals must be persistent in working towards their goals regardless of the challenges they face. History shows that people who are considered to have achieved success in the past are those who


Travel agents plan and book trips for their clients, whether the client is a single person taking a solo vacation or a large corporate group travelling for a workplace retreat. Travel agents exist to simplify the complexities of planning a trip for clients. Rather than the client having to analyze a


Some of the major agents of an individual's socialization process include family, school, mass media and religion. These institutions serve as lenses through which individuals learn to become social beings by internalizing the social norms of his or her society.