A wireless local area network, or LAN, does not use wired Ethernet connections and usually covers a small geographical area like a school or office building; a wireless wide area network, or WAN, covers a greater geograp... More »

LAN (Local Area Network) is limited to a single site, usually an office building, while a MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) spans a small region or entire city and WAN (Wide Area Network) is not restricted to a specific ge... More »

The acronym LAN stands for local-area network while WAN is the acronym for wide-area network. A LAN is a computer network that covers a small area, such as a building or set of buildings. When several LANs are connected,... More »

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LAN and WAN networks differ mainly in the area of coverage for the networks. A LAN, or Local Area Network, provides networking coverage for a small area, usually confined to a room, floor or the interior of a building, w... More »

A Wi-Fi router is networking hardware that wirelessly connects computers on local area networks (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN) to the Internet or other networks. These physical network communication devices maintain ... More »

A local area network allows a group of computers or other devices to share a connection. This connection allows the devices to share a variety of resources. This includes sharing printers and access to the same files and... More »

The acronym WAN stands for wide area network. Unlike a metropolitan area network (MAN), a WAN is not restricted to a particular geographical area but may be confined within the bounds of a country. It allows connection b... More »