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In order to have a wireless Internet connection in the home a wireless router must be used. The router is connected to the modem which is bringing the Internet connection into the home.


Wireless Internet works by utilizing a wireless network that employs radio waves to transmit data. A wireless adapter connected to a computer transforms the data into radio signals that are transmitted via an antenna. A wireless router then decodes the signal and sends it to the Internet.


Create an active wireless Internet connection at home using a broadband Internet connection, a modem, a wireless router and wireless devices to connect to the network. Broadband providers typically transmit broadband to the home via fiber optic cable, data subscriber lines or coaxial cable.


A wireless USB adapter connects a computer without wireless hardware to a wireless network by transmitting either a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signal. Installing the adapter requires plugging it into a USB port on a computer and installing drivers and other software if necessary. Once the adapter is install


A wireless adapter is used to provide printers that do not have integrated Wi-Fi capabilities with wireless connectivity to an office or home wireless local area network, or WLAN. The wireless adapter is usually in the form of an external module that is plugged into the printer's USB port.


The USB adapter receives signals broadcast by a Wi-Fi router and then in turn transmits those signals to the computer into which it is plugged. This negates any need for plugs or bulky wireless cards by handling everything through signals.


Some companies that help connect computers to televisions with wireless adapters are PCMag and Tom's Guide. Both of these websites offer self-help sections, which detail the proper instructions to complete basic tasks such as connecting devices for streaming purposes.


Any printer with a USB port or PCI serial card slot can be connected to a wireless adapter to make it visible on a Wi-Fi network and accessible to connected computers. There are three types of wireless adapters for printers, including USB adapters. USB printer servers and PCI network cards. The type


To connect to wireless Internet, a wireless router and a wireless networking card are needed. Some signals can be accessed without a router, and wireless networking cards are usually built into devices like smartphones and computers.


Some positively-rated Bluetooth wireless adapters, according to Consumer Top, are the Satechi USB 4.0, Panda Bluetooth 4.0 USB nano adapter, and the Kinivo BTD-400 Bluetooth USB adapter. Class 1 Bluetooth devices have a transmission range of up to 328 feet, while Class 2 have a range of up to 32 fee