A wireless television receiver is used to receive signals on a television set from existing wireless computer networks or Wi-Fi without having to connect wires to the television. Wireless TV receivers are typically used ... More » Technology Television & Video

A Smart TV can be linked to a wireless network through the network section of its menu where users can set the TV's network type to wireless and choose a network to connect with. Users will need to place the television w... More » Technology Television & Video

Televisions, computers, mobile phones, coffee machines, thermostats, fire alarms, burglar alarms and light switches are just some of the many modern devices that feature wireless connections. Recent years have seen an ex... More » Technology
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Broadcast TV towers are large transmitter antennas used to transmit over-the-air television signals to receiver antennas in the surrounding area. A broadcast TV tower consists of either a support structure with a separat... More » Technology Television & Video

Build a homemade digital antenna by constructing a wooden frame, adding wires and attaching to the television. The process requires about two hours. More » Technology Television & Video

A set-top box is a small device that generally sits on top of a television set and converts video and audio signals. Set-top boxes are common with satellite and cable television systems. More » Technology Television & Video

To diagnose a sound problem on a Vizio television set, check that the volume is turned up above zero and the television isn't muted. Check to make sure all of the cables that are connected to the television are inserted ... More » Technology Television & Video