The standard wire colors for a home thermostat in North America are black, red, blue, white, and green, with some wires appearing bare. The colors are tied to specific functions for the wire to make them easy to identify... More » Home & Garden Heating & Cooling

Wiring an air-conditioning thermostat requires simple tools including needle-nose pliers and a screwdriver. Removing the old thermostat and mounting the new one on the wall requires a level, tape and pencil. A photo shot... More » Home & Garden Heating & Cooling

Complete manuals and guides for Honeywell thermostats, including wiring instructions and schematics, are available for download on the Honeywell website. Those who intend to install and wire their thermostat are advised ... More » Home & Garden Heating & Cooling
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To replace the cord on a space heater, take out the cord-receptacle cover with pliers, remove the cord's wire connections, twist the wires of the new cord onto the attaching screws and attach the grounding wire. If a new... More » Home & Garden Heating & Cooling

Generally speaking, thermostats work by using a mercury switch that is in contact with a thermometer wire to trigger a temperature-adjustment lever in response to the expansion or contraction of the wires as they are hea... More » Home & Garden Heating & Cooling

Tips for wiring for a residential thermostat include studying the wiring instructions on the installation manual or the appliance, turning off power to prevent shorting wires together, wrapping unused wire and placing sp... More » Home & Garden Heating & Cooling

Although the wiring codes may vary from one thermostat to another, the basic wiring codes for a thermostat are red, yellow and green colors that show which wires connect to which terminals. Other thermostat wiring code c... More » Home & Garden Heating & Cooling