Cerro Wire, PowerStream Technology and Armstrong's Supply Company's websites are some online resources that provide wire size vs. amps charts. Cerro Wire provides a chart of different wire gauge sizes and amp ratings for... More »

Use a wire gauge amp chart to determine the approximate wire size for an electrical load. There are separate charts for different types of wire. Since the resistance of electricity is dependent on several factors, the ch... More »

Cerro Wire, a manufacturer of copper electrical building wire, provides a wire size and amp ratings chart on its website. On the chart, Cerro identifies the maximum amp load for both copper and aluminum wire of varying w... More »

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SWE-Check Fuse Warehouse provides charts categorizing fuses by type and size. Fuse types are cartridge, bottle, slotted tag, bolted tag with a single fixing center, and bolted tag with a dual fixing center. They are clas... More »

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A 100amp service requires a minimum wire size of #1 AWG. Long cable runs would see an increase in wire size. Section 310-15 of the NEC is used to determine wire size, including referencing of table 9. More »

To access the NEC Table for wire size and amp information, visit HouWire.com. The website offers a chart showing temperature ratings of conductors according to size and material, whether it is aluminum or copper-based. More »

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A 12-gauge wire can carry between 15 and 20 amps for normal electrical wires. When wiring chassis, 12-gauge wire can carry a maximum of 41 amps along the metal conductor. The conductive part of a 12-gauge wire is 0.0808 ... More »