CerroWire.com, AllenElectric.com, Gore.com, LugsDirect.com and Powerstream.com have ampacity charts that show the correct wire gauge to use for the intended amperage draw. Calculate the amperage draw by adding the wattag... More »

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The maximum amps for power transmission for a 20-gauge American Wire Gauge (AWG) wire is 1.5. This is based on a guideline from the Handbook of Electronic Tables and Formulas for the ampacity or the copper wire current c... More »

Cerro Wire, a manufacturer of copper electrical building wire, provides a wire size and amp ratings chart on its website. On the chart, Cerro identifies the maximum amp load for both copper and aluminum wire of varying w... More »

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Basic amplifier wiring diagrams are subwoofer voice coil, impedance, amplifier connection, bridging an amplifier and wire gauge. Impedance is the total electricity opposition collected in the subwoofer against the output... More »

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Either 2/0 gauge copper wire or 4/0 gauge aluminum wire can deliver 200-amp electrical service. Three conductor wire supplies 240 volts of electricity to a main service panel, routing through a main breaker rated for 200... More »

The maximum current capacity of 10 gauge AWG copper wire varies based on the length of the wire. For a 12-volt system, 10 AWG wire safely conducts up to 20 amps for 15 feet or up to 5 amps for 70 feet. More »

A wire ampacity table is a chart displaying the electrical amp rating carried by specific wire types and gauge sizes. Amperage is a measure of the electrical current flowing through a circuit, which is measured in amps. ... More »