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Wire & Cable Connectors Selection of splice taps, butt connectors, wire nuts, push on connectors, LC4, and LC2 connectors for LED lighting installations inside and outside the house or vehicle. Great for use with LED strip lights in applications ranging for LED under-cabinet lighting, cabinet lighting, and cove lighting to landscape lighting ...


Butt splice connectors are used to lengthen, change, or repair an electrical circuit with a straight splice. The ends of a stripped wire are inserted into the openings on the connector so that the wire ends butt against each other inside the splice. The splice is then secure in place on the wire. View More


A variety of different types of crimpers are available, and youll need to carefully match your type of connector to the correct type of crimper to ensure that you enjoy a solid connection. Some wire connectors simply need a small degree of crimping action that you can sometimes accomplish by hand, but thick, copper wire connectors, on the other ...


Mechanical lugs and splices are a great way to make a strong and reliable connection that is re-usable and quick to install. Our Insulated Multiple Tap Power Connectors are ideal for splice, reducing and tap applications using copper or aluminum wire. Each Multi Tap Connector is pre-insulated and filled with oxide inhibitor for faster ...


Wire splices feature a metal insert which cuts into the plastic insulation of the wires and crimps them. Wire splicing using a s splice connector means you do not need to solder the joint. Terminals are used to "terminate" a conductor mechanically by crimping or soldering to a component.


There are a few different types of wire joints, alongside various methods for holding wires together. Three Types Of Cable Joints There are three main types of electrical joints, also known as splices: The Western Union splice, the tap splice and the fixture splice.


TE Connectivity AMP 62357-1 Splice Crimp 12-10 ga. Open barrel splice for inline and parallel splicing of wire. Wire Size (mm²): 3.75-5.07 Wire Size (Awg): 12-10 Length: 6.3mm Material: Brass CMA: 4000-10,000 Crimp Tooling


Splicing electrical wiring is permitted when it is done according to NEC codes, which include making the splice in an accessible junction box, using approved wiring connectors, and extending the circuit with the same type and size of electrical cable that is properly installed and protected.


Terminals for Wire-to-Board, connectors for Foil conductors, and Magnetic Wire terminals for motors, turret, and wire pin are just a few of the specialized styles. Many of the standard type of terminals can come fully insulated, partially insulated, non-insulated, or insulated with heat shrink tubing.


Types of Wire Connectors. There are more than a dozen wire connector types. Fortunately, most vehicles use the first type, which also comprises types 2, 3 and 4. Type 1: Spade — Spade type connectors are often referred as disconnects and are what you’ll usually find and use in cars.