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To calculate the resistance R of a wire, we need to know three things: its length – the longer the wire, the greater its resistance; its cross-sectional area A ...


Wire Resistance. Calculator. Type wire material, temperature and cross-sectional area: Copper Aluminum


Calculate the resistance of a length of wire with the Wire Resistance Calculator and learn on the go with the integrated live example.


Resistance calculator for a wire pair. Calculates the ac and dc resistance of a circular wire conductor pair at any specified frequency.


Cable Calculator, Resistance with three decimals at 20 °C please enter decimal separator as "." Cable properties: Length in m: Diameter: Conductor made of: ...


Specific Resistance (”ρ”) is a property of any conductive material, a figure used to determine the end-to-end resistance of a conductor given length and area in ...


Parameters. Input. Frequency. Hertz. Length. km, m, cm, mm, mile, foot, inch. Gauge. OOOO, OOO, OO, O, 1 gauge, 2 gauge, 3 gauge, 4 gauge, 5 gauge, 6 gauge ...


CALCULATION OF CABLE RESISTANCE · R = 36/S(c.s.a) · Again S = 10mmsq · Hence R = 36/10 = 3.6 Ohms per km · Length of conductor = 0.5km


Copper wire resistance table and voltage voltage drop calc. Also includes ground conductor size calculator.


Wire Resistance Calculator calculates the electrical properties of a wire quickly. Get the formulas & steps to compute the resistance, conductance of a ...


Cirris Systems provides you with a calculator to measure wire resistance. Learn more about wire resistance calculations here, and visit Cirris Systems ...