The Windows desktop toolbar is a list of icons located in the taskbar that allows users to access desktop shortcuts even if another window obscures the desktop screen. To add a desktop toolbar, right-click on an empty sp... More » Technology Software

The Ask Toolbar is a Web browser add-on that is often bundled with free software downloads for Windows. The toolbar causes changes that some users consider undesirable, including changing the browser's default home page ... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Toolbars can be deleted manually or with a removal tool. Sometimes, downloaded files contain unwanted surprises, such as browser toolbars that can hijack your Internet search queries. Removing these can be tricky, as not... More » Technology Internet & Networking
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The desktop screen can suddenly go upside down because Windows 8 includes the auto-rotation feature and a set of keyboard shortcuts that users can accidentally press while playing games to change the orientation of the s... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

To make the Windows taskbar reappear, point the cursor arrow to the spot on the screen where the taskbar last appeared. The taskbar should then reappear. More » Technology Software

Restore desktop icons on Windows 7 by visiting the Customize Desktop menu and clicking on the icons you want to restore. Default desktop items, such My Computer and My Documents, are accessible via the Start Menu and can... More » Technology Software

To restore the Windows taskbar to default, click and drag the taskbar on an empty portion of the screen. It can be placed on the top, bottom or vertically on either side of the screen. More » Technology Software