A tablet PC is a portable handheld computer operated by a touchscreen. Tablets are designed to bridge the performance gap between smartphones and laptops. Most models are slim, lightweight and easy to carry, and they hav... More »

The key features that define a tablet computer are portability, user-friendly interface, long battery life and a touch screen. Depending on which operating system it runs, a tablet computer may have the capabilities of a... More »

Buying a tablet laptop PC is the same as purchasing any other electronic or expensive item. Set a price limit, compose a list of necessary and desired features, and then do research on the available options to decide whi... More »

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The Dragon Touch E70 7-inch 3G tablet PC is a highly rated, 3G-capable tablet available for $75, as of 2015. The Tagital 7-inch 3G tablet is an even cheaper option, costing $55. More »

The iPad is a line of tablet computers designed and made by Apple, Inc. Tablet computers are portable computers with large displays that can be manipulated using touchscreen input. As of 2014, there are four iPad models ... More »

The chief difference between a laptop and a tablet is that a laptop uses a keyboard and touchpad for input while a tablet relies on a touchscreen. Tablets are usually smaller and more portable than laptops, while laptops... More »

Specifications for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 include a Super AMOLED 5.7 inch touchscreen, Micro-SIM port and battery life of up to 420 hours in standby mode. It also comes with a 13 Megapixel back camera, 16 Gigabytes of... More »