To build a window seat, make a base frame from 2-by-4 boards, and top with kitchen cabinets that fit the space. Paint the cabinets in the color of your choice, and add a seat cushion. More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance

Windows seats with built-in storage space can be purchased from,, and As of June 2015, sells a bay double window seat and cushion fo... More » Home & Garden Furniture Seating

To construct a window seat, create a platform from 2-by-4-inch wood boards, position 24 inch high kitchen cabinets on top of the platform, and screw the cabinets to each other, the platform and the wall studs. Complete t... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Carpentry
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Tips for hanging drywall include avoiding creating a joint at the corner of a door or window, minimizing the number of joints, measuring for fit before attaching the sheet and marking stud locations before covering them ... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance

To determine what size bike is the best fit, consider frame size and seat height. According to Bicycling magazine, first measure the rider's inseam length in centimeters, and then multiply that number by 0.65. The result... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Biking & Cycling Bicycles

The process of installing replacement windows in a camper or RV involves removing the existing window, preparing the frame or opening, fitting the replacement window, and mounting and securing the new window. Installatio... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance

To measure a space for a toilet seat, it is important to measure from one wall to another to ensure there is enough elbow room. If the room is angled, the widest part of the seat should be placed in the center of at leas... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance