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The chemical formula for Windex is NH3, which has the chemical name, ammonia. Windex is the trademark name of a glass-cleaning product owned by SC Johnson, as of 2014.


Windex is a glass-cleaning product that contains water, isopropyl alcohol, various cleaning agents, fragrance and blue dye. Windex is commonly used on glass, windows and mirrors. It is a popular cleaning product known for effectively cleaning glass without leaving streaks.


SC Johnson's Windex product contains water and several cleaning agents, such as 2-hexoxyethanol, isopropanolamine, sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate, lauramine oxide and ammonium aydroxide. The glass cleaner also has fragrance from SC Johnson's fragrance palette and Liquitint Sky Blue dye.


MedlinePlus states that drinking large amounts of Windex leads to window cleaner poisoning. A few of the common symptoms experienced after ingesting Windex or any glass cleaner include throat swelling, difficulty breathing, and abdominal pain. In the event someone should drink the cleaner, it is bes


Windex contains harmful chemicals, such as ammonium hydroxide, hexoxyethanol and the chemical's fragrance, according to the Environmental Working Group. The glass cleaner also contains propylene glycol, a controversial substance used in toothpaste and cosmetics. Daily Finance states SC Johnson creat


A computer screen should never be sprayed or wiped with Windex. Ammonia and alcohol-based cleaners can damage an LCD screen. Water and a cloth are typically effective enough to clean a computer screen.


Windex is not an effective remedy for spot treating zits. Popularized by the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," the phrase "Put some Windex on it" has led many to believe that Windex is a folk remedy for skin ailments. However, this remedy is futile in eliminating acne.


The material safety data sheet (MSDS) for Windex Original glass cleaner, manufactured by SC Johnson Company, lists the product's physical and chemical properties, first aid recommendations, fire-fighting and accidental spill procedures, toxicological data and requirements regarding disposal and tran


Mixing bleach and Windex releases toxic gases and produces toxic chemicals. S. C. Johnson & Sons, Inc. reports that one of the ingredients in Windex Original is ammonia. When ammonia and sodium hypochlorite, the primary ingredient in bleach are mixed, they produce chloramine vapor; there is also the


It is not recommended to use Windex on granite countertops. Most commercially available cleansers are either acidic or alkaline, and Windex is alkaline. These products can either strip the sealer on the granite or etch the stone surface.