Harry Hess was a scientist who first theorized key details about the earth's crust that revolutionized the understanding of plate tectonics. Plate tectonics is the separation of the earth's crust along fault lines. More » History Modern History World War 2

The character of Harry Selfridge in the television series, "Mr Selfridge," is played by American actor Jeremy Piven. He has played the character since the series' release in 2013. More » Art & Literature

Independence, Missouri is the hometown of 33rd President Harry Truman. Born in the small town of Lamar, Missouri, he moved to Independence at the age of six and returned to the city after his presidency. More » History Modern History US History
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According to, the Earth creates mountains through plate tectonics, where its crust is broken into plates constantly in motion, causing stress and uplifting in order to grow mountains. While growth is slow due t... More » Science Earth Science Landforms

Earth is unique in that scientists have found the planet to be the only one to have liquid water on its surface, intelligent life forms living on it, a moon that helps regulate surface temperatures, an atmosphere with 21... More » Science Astronomy Planets

Researcher Alfred Wegener developed the continental drift theory that led to the modern theory of plate tectonics. Because plate tectonics is still a theory, it is hypothesized and not officially discovered or proven. More » Science Earth Science Plate Tectonics

The theory of plate tectonics, formerly known as continental drift, is a working model that describes the movement of the continents and sea floor across the surface of the Earth. The theory explains many anomalous facts... More » Science Earth Science Plate Tectonics