Responsibilities of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation center around the management of fish and wildlife resources in the state. These tasks include protecting game species, regulating hunting and fishing, ... More » Science Environmental Science Conservation

Depending on the jurisdiction, some duties of wildlife conservation officers include patrolling and managing parks, enforcing wildlife laws, investigating serious crimes committed in wildlife areas, protecting wildlife a... More » Business & Finance Careers Career Aspirations

Soil conservation is the collective efforts of groups or individuals to improve the quality of the soil and minimize erosion and other negative events. For example, soil that is eroding can be made healthier by planting ... More » Science Environmental Science Conservation
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The Oklahoma Department of Transportation offers a variety of printable maps of the state. Offerings include transportation maps of the state highway system, construction on the I-40, the state railroad system and the ma... More » Geography United States

As of November 2015, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife provides services related to conservation, fishing, hunting, licensing and permits, and enforcement of fish and wildlife regulations. The department pro... More » Government & Politics US Government

The West Virginia Department of Natural Resources, which in 1990 was renamed to the Division of Natural Resources, is responsible for the conservation and management of wildlife, providing outdoor recreation venues, and ... More » Science Environmental Science

Trout stocking schedules can usually be found on the website for the fish or wildlife department of the states that allow trout fishing. Schedules may be listed by region of the state or by separate areas in which trout ... More »