Parrots are omnivores; therefore, they eat both insects and plant material, such as nuts, flowers, fruit, buds and seeds. Seeds and nuts are often their favorites, and they use their strong jaws to break open shells and ... More »

Large flocks of wild parrots that currently make California their home include red and lilac-crowned parrots, white and blue-fronted parrots, and yellow-headed and red-lored parrots. Seven different types of parakeets al... More » Pets & Animals Birds Parrots

Parrots have several adaptations, including a pair of toes pointed in opposite directions, a strong beak and flocking nature. These adaptation features or behaviors help parrots survive in the wild even in the face of di... More »

Wild parrots eat fruit, flowers, buds, nuts, seeds and some small insects, while domestic parrots eat seed or pellet mixes, fresh vegetables, fruits and animal-based protein. Seed and pellet mixes made specifically for d... More » Pets & Animals Birds Parrots

Parrots in the rain forest eat fruit, nuts, seeds, grains, leaves and insects. The large, hard, hooked bills of parrots allow them to crack open especially tough nuts and seeds. More »

Parakeets in nature eat a variety of seeds, fresh fruits, nuts, flowers and small insects. When keeping a parakeet in captivity, owners should feed birdseed mixes made especially for parakeets, along with some fresh gree... More »

Capuchin monkeys are omnivores that eat fruits, nuts, seeds, buds, insects, spiders, birds' eggs and small vertebrates. Capuchin monkeys that live near water also eat crabs and shellfish by cracking their shells open wit... More »