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A basic recipe for making wild game sausage comes from Lets-Make-Sausage.com. The recipe calls for 3 1/2 pounds of wild game meat such as deer, elk, pronghorn or moose mixed with 1 1/2 pounds fatty pork shoulder.


Duck legs barbacoa, stir fry duck, and wild duck with orange juice and savoy cabbage with smoked bacon are some recipes that use wild duck. A wild duck gumbo recipe from Taste of Home magazine makes a rich and flavorful main dish.


Betty Crocker’s wild rice soup and Cooking Light’s wild rice and carrots are two easily prepared recipes containing wild rice. The first is a hearty soup made in just 30 minutes, and the second is a side dish containing just six ingredients.


Some good recipes for wild goose are roasted Christmas goose, roasted goose with Armagnac blueberry reduction, smoked goose with wild rice stuffing and goose breast wrapped in bacon, notes The Food Network. These recipes come courtesy of chefs, such as Bobby Flay, Emeri...


A good wild turkey recipe is found on Food.com. The ingredients include wild turkey breast, zesty Italian salad dressing, white wine and Creole and lemon pepper seasonings, as well as butter and olive oil. It serves six and requires a Reynolds oven cooking bag to make.


In order to keep the restaurant unique, Buffalo Wild Wings does not share its recipes. However, it does sell any of the 16 bottled signature sauces.


"Into the Wild" is about a young man named Christopher McCandless, played by Emile Hirsch, who abandons his material possessions and becomes a hitchhiker. McCandless travels across the United States, meeting and influencing a number of people along the way.