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Frozen fresh Wild Blueberries are wildly different from regular blueberries you find in the produce section. They pack more intense blueberry flavor into their tiny blue bodies than any other blueberry on this big blue planet – making them the blueberry of choice for anyone interested in cooking, baking, making smoothies and more.. Don’t be fooled by their tiny size – Wild Blueberries pack


The genus Vaccinium has a mostly circumpolar distribution, with species mainly present in North America, Europe, and Asia. [citation needed] Many commercially sold species with English common names including "blueberry" are from North America, particularly Atlantic Canada and Northeastern United States for wild (lowbush) blueberries, and several US states and British Columbia for cultiva...


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What’s wild about them? Perhaps you’ve never known there was such a thing as a “wild” blueberry. Or maybe you did know, but assumed they were just like the cultivated kind you usually find at your local supermarket.


Wild Blueberries. It’s easy to get swept up in the belief that the ultimate healing food is hiding somewhere in the tropical wilds. We read about researchers who scour the jungle for miracle roots and berries, and we see exotic dried fruits for sale at the grocery store with packages proclaiming them “superfoods.”


Wild Blueberry is a local family business offering Lappish experiences for private groups. We offer ice fishing, ice swimming, sauna, local food and other activities you may enjoy on your visit. Wild Blueberry is a place to calm down from the city lights.


Frozen Fresh Wild Blueberries are available in the frozen fruit section of your supermarket year-round. For wholesale inquiries — check with your local broker or distributor or use the US and Canada Wild Blueberries supplier lists provided. To be sure you are using authentic Wild Blueberries:


Wild blueberries belong to the Vaccinium genus and are loved for the sweet-tart fruits they produce in mid- to late summer. As their name suggests, wild blueberries can be found in abandoned fields, along the side of the road, in forests and on mountains.


WBANA’s Wild Blueberry FAQs answer all your questions about Wild Blueberries, their health and nutritional benefits, and where to find them.


Want to Find Out More? To find out more about Maine wild blueberries and the land they grow on, talk with a local blueberry grower, contact Extension Wild Blueberry Specialist Dr. Lily Calderwood, the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, or contact the Wild Blueberry Commission of Maine.