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A wild animal is a non-domestic animal living in its natural habitat. Wild animals are not the same as feral animals, which live in the wild but have domestic ancestors.


In most states, it is not legal to keep a wild rabbit as a pet. Even if a baby rabbit is orphaned, it is better off in the hands of a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, notes House Rabbit Connection.


The licensed wild animal removal organizations and businesses will be different from state to state, but include American Animal Control, Wildlife Abatement and Pest X Animal and Pest Control. Each state provides a list of authorized and licensed wild animal and pest re...


As of 2015, National Geographic's website and stock photo service hosts many images of wild animals, as does the website Animal Diversity Web. The images on ADW are organized chiefly by scientific taxonomy, while National Geographic's image galleries include categories ...


A wild pet salamander should always be kept in a cage, fed adequately, handled infrequently, kept under very little light and in moderate temperatures. Salamanders may often be mistaken for lizards since they closely resemble each other in appearance.


The best places to take pictures of wild animals are in the animal's natural habitats where the photographer can get both close up and long shots. Many wildlife photographers travel all over the world to get the photos seen in wildlife magazines. The amateur photographe...


Louisiana is home to a wide variety of wild animals that inhabit its wetlands, forests and swamps. It supports mammals such as bears, wolves, coyotes, deer, panthers, otters, foxes, raccoons, rabbits, wild pigs and beavers. There are also many different species of birds...