Wikipedia, as an online user-edited encyclopedia, contains information on just about any subject one could wish to learn, at least in terms of information. It isn't a good place to learn how to do things. However, becaus... More » Technology Internet & Networking

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A 2005 study revealed that Wikipedia is about as accurate as Encyclopedia Britannica. Another study from 2008 showed that Wikipedia has an accuracy rate of 80 percent in comparison to 95 to 96 percent from other sources. More » Technology Internet & Networking

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Wikipedia is a Web-based encyclopedia that anyone can contribute to and edit. Contributors are entirely unpaid volunteers who can contribute anonymously or under a pseudonym. More » Technology Internet & Networking

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Wikipedia was launched on Jan. 15, 2001, by Larry Sanger and Jimmy Wales as an online encyclopedia with a limited editorial review process. Contributors began adding content rapidly, and Wikipedia grew to more than 20,00... More » Technology Internet & Networking