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An oversize/overweight permit is required when you travel in a state and your loaded dimensions exceed the legal width, height, length, or weight limits for that specific state. The most common state legal limits are 8'6" wide, 13'6" high, 65' long, or 80,000 lbs distributed evenly on at least 5 axles (12,000 lbs on the steer axle & 17,000 lbs ...


A Florida overweight / oversize permit is required to move any oversized or overweight vehicles or combination of vehicles (including load) that exceeds the legal size and weight on Florida state highways. Except certain exempted vehicles by law, any vehicle/vehicle combination which exceeds the following truck dimensions and configurations are ...


Florida Overisze Permits Usually are valid upto five days. Running Time for Florida Over Size Permits half hour before sunrise until half an hour after the sun going down of the sun, between Saturday and Sunday, if the load is 10 feet wide and under the legal length and height of the trailer not exceeding 14.6. More than 10 feet wide, but not more than 14 'wide and no more than 16 feet tall .....


Florida Oversize/Overweight Permits. Florida oversize permits are valid for five days.. Operating Time. One-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset, including Saturday and Sunday if the load is 10′ wide and under, legal trailer length, and height not exceeding 14’6.


2020 Florida state shipping laws, regulations, rules and limitations, for oversize and heavy-haul trucking. Pilot car requirements. If you have any additional knowledge please share it below. Florida oversize permits, heavy-haul trucking companies and pilot cars. Locate oversize, heavy haul trucking companies and pilot cars:


of the permit fee pursuant to the passage of Senate Bill 09-108. A single trip permit costs $15.00*. If the vehicle or load is overweight add $5.00* per axle. For example a six-axle semi-truck/trailer with a load exceeding 80,000 pounds would cost $45.00. Here is a complete list of the permit fees: Single Trip Oversize $15.00*


FLORIDA HIGHWAY PATROL This manual serves as a guide for commercial motor vehicle drivers and carriers who transport goods and passengers in Florida. This guide lists size and load limits, safety rules, and permits required by the State of Florida. NINTH EDITION July 2016 Published by: Florida Highway Patrol Office of Commercial Vehicle Enforcement


Wide Load Regulations, Rules, Flags and Permit Costs by State Over-the-road trucking is here to stay. Based on Bureau of Transportation Statistics, trucking carries more than 10 billion tons of freight annually, and that number is increasing steadily.


A driver must obtain an oversize and/or overweight vehicle permit before traveling on Indiana roads to ensure the safety of the motoring public if his or her vehicle exceeds: 13 feet 6 inches in height; 8 feet 6 inches in width; 60 feet (two-vehicle combination) or 53 feet (semi-tractor-semi-trailer combination) in length


House Move Permit Approval letters from each Highway District and Utility company involved must be uploaded to the Kentucky Overweight/Over-Dimensional Portal.House move permits will not be approved to travel on any Interstate or Parkway in Kentucky. House Moves are required to travel between 12:00am & 5:00am Only. Metal Commodities Permit