A Wi-Fi network is a wireless network that uses radio waves to provide high-speed Internet and other network connections. The term "Wi-Fi" is a trademarked phrase that means "IEEE 802.11x." More » Technology Internet & Networking

Wi-Fi Direct is a wireless technology that allows supported devices to connect directly through Wi-Fi and print documents, share files and synchronize. Personal computers, printers, mobile phones and cameras that bear th... More » Technology Internet & Networking

A wi-fi booster uses Multiple in and Multiple Out technology, also known as MIMO, to receive and boost network signals within a particular area. It consists of numerous radio signal transmitters and receivers that receiv... More » Technology Internet & Networking
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To connect a Samsung phone to a Wi-Fi network, go the Wi-Fi settings menu, and select the network you would like to connect to from the list of available networks. If prompted for a password, enter the appropriate pass k... More » Technology Internet & Networking

To configure your laptop for a Wi-Fi connection, make sure you are in the range of a Wi-Fi network, navigate to the system tray, click on the Wi-Fi icon, click on the name of the Wi-Fi network you want to access, enter t... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Common errors when setting up a Wi-Fi network include poor placement of the router, using a router that doesn't fit the network's needs and keeping default settings. Many users expect to get the router speeds listed by t... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Wi-Fi is a network that uses radio waves to transfer data. The network uses the integrated wireless adapter of a computer to transmit data from a radio signal to an antenna. After the signal is received by the antenna, t... More » Technology Internet & Networking