The success of the Roman army is mainly attributed to a well-trained army as well as meticulous planning prior to each assault. The Roman army also used a highly successful attack technique that utilized a combination of... More »

The Roman military was so successful during its time because of its size, organization and strength that could not be equaled to its enemies for over a thousand years. They believed that they were the sons of the god of ... More »

Diocletian was able to bring Rome together to find peace and financial success, but he ended up destroying the unity of Rome by dividing power into what was known as the tetrarchy. Diocletian and Maximian shared the titl... More »

Soldiers in the ancient Roman army used a sword, called the gladius, and a javelin, which was called a pilum. Members of the Roman infantry also utilized the hasta, a type of spear, to engage their enemies. More »

Over the course of its long history, the Roman Army underwent multiple reorganizations, usually in the aftermath of crushing defeats, and changed from a volunteer force composed entirely of property-owning citizens to a ... More »

The name of Ancient Roman currency depended on the coin's metal, collectively called aes; a bronze coin was an as, a silver coin was a denarius and a gold coin was an aureus. Ancient Romans also used copper alloy coins c... More »

The Huns came in and started forcing barbarian tribes west which resulted in some tribes going into the Roman Empire and when the Romans did not provide food for the tribes that immigrated there, they turned to rampaging... More »