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Yellow feet are not usually a cause for concern. They can be a sign of a number of things, from extra layers of skin to eating too many vegetables to diabetes and liver conditions. We’ll walk ...


Yellow staining of the feet has the tendency to cause tremendous concern and apprehension. Hence, it is best that you visit your healthcare specialist. He may ask you to carry out a few examinations, such as, blood photo, sonogram and X ray. These will help choose the precise cause for the yellow feet. Common Causes of Yellow Soles of Feet


There is also a case report of a 68-year-old woman whose soles turned yellow after taking a turmeric root extract capsule once a day for four months. How to Treat Yellow Feet. The best advice for how to get rid of yellow feet is to identify the cause and take steps to treat the source.


In rare cases, yellow and peeling skin may be caused by side effects of a drug or by a genetic disorder. Causes-Why are the Bottom of my Feet Yellow? The following are some of the causative factors associated with bottom of feet yellow: 1. Jaundice. It is a condition that occurs when there is too much bilirubin in your blood.


Why Is the Skin on the Soles of My Son's Feet Yellow? ... Changes in blood sugar in patients with diabetes may also cause skin discoloration on the feet. Yellow colored skin on the feet is also associated with hypothyroidism, a condition where the body produces too much of the thyroid hormone, liver disease, renal disease and ...


i don't know why??!! slowly over the past year, the bottom of my feet have gotten more yellow. they really aren't calloused, i notice a few spots here and there on myself in other places that seem a bit yellowish sometimes too, just lately. i don't know if this has anything to do with my past, i drank ALOT in my past for many years, but haven't in about 9 years.


I would have never have noticed had I not seen a picture but I was sitting on the couch with my feet up and someone took a picture, I was surprise when I saw that the soles of my feet looked so very yellow! So I looked at my feet and yes! they are very yellow. I am wondering if this is a sign of liver stagnation/stones? I dont eat a lot of beta carotene and I dont take any vitamins or supplements.


Thick-skinned feet. Thick skin on the bottom of the foot is easy to identify. It is typically yellow in color, and can be found at the ball of the foot, the heel and the toes. It likely developed when excess force or friction developed. Your body responded by building up extra layers of skin as a normal form of protection.


Yellow palms and soles: A rare skin manifestation in diabetes mellitus. ... on the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet. Carotenemia with its yellowish-red tint is found in diabetes. ... Carotenemia is a clinical condition characterized by yellow pigmentation of the skin (xanthoderma) and increased beta-carotene levels in the blood.


Chiriac A, Chiriac AE, Pinteala T, Gologan E, Solovan C, Brzezinski P. Yellow palms and feet in a child. Russian Open Medical Journal 2014; 3: 0107. An 8 year-old boy was addressed to us for a yellow discoloration of the palms and soles ( Figure s 1 and 2), observed by the mother 3 weeks prior to medical examination.