A red nose may indicate the presence of rosacea, carcinoid syndrome, meningitis or sepsis, states Healthgrades. Systemic lupus erythematosus, sarcoidosis, encephalitis, appendicitis, pyelonephritis, cholecystitis and pne... More »

Dogs have wet noses to improve their sense of smell and help regulate their body temperature. The wetness is a combination of mucous and saliva from the dog licking its nose. More »

A cold nose tip has many possible causes, including hypothyroidism, cold weather, the aging process, seasonal affective disorder and certain viral infections, according to Right Diagnosis. A cold nose, especially when ac... More »

Cheeks that remain red and flushed for long periods often indicate the presence of a condition called rosacea. The Mayo Clinic defines rosacea as a skin condition causing redness in the facial area. It also sometimes pro... More »

The main symptom of rosacea is redness on the face in the forehead, chin, cheek and nose areas, according to WebMD. Sometimes, pimples and tiny bumps appear along with the redness, and some people experience burning and ... More »

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The American Academy of Dermatology states a number of treatments for rosacea, in the healthcare setting and at home. These treatments include laser skin therapy, topical and oral antibiotics and sunscreen. Major treatme... More »

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Antibiotics help control the symptoms of rosacea rather than cure it, states WebMD. They seem to reduce the number of pimples and the amount of redness in the skin by controlling inflammation. Both topical and oral antib... More »

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