Helium is important because it is widely used for its cooling properties, and it's particularly useful for manufacturing computer components. Helium is inert which prevents it from causing chemical reactions. It is also ... More »

One atom of helium has two protons in its nucleus. A neutral atom of helium also has two electrons. More »

Of all the elements of the periodic table, helium is the least reactive. It does not react with water, acids, halogens, bases or air. More »

The nucleus of helium contains two neutrons and two protons. Around the nucleus of helium there are two electrons in the 1s orbital. These have opposite spins. More »

The specific heat of helium is 5.193 kJ/kg Kelvin, according to the Physics Classroom. The specific heat value measures the amount of heat needed to change the temperature of a unit of mass. More »

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Helium results from the fusion of four hydrogen nuclei to form one helium nucleus. This reaction also generates energy and is the source of power at the core of stars. More »

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One small tank of helium can fill hundreds of balloons because helium in a tank is at a high pressure and low volume. When the helium leaves the tank and fills a balloon, the pressure is lowered and the volume of the hel... More »