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Why Don't Navy SEALS Wear Underwear? Navy Seal soldiers may not wear underwear because of the circumstances that they are put in during their tours of service. In the long stretches spent in humid and wet environments, soldiers choose to forgo underwear because of the possibility of fungal infection.


The Navy SEALs dress code is the same as the rest of the Navy, called uniform regulations, except that when they are deployed they wear Navy working uniform Mark ones and in certain places are ...


Former Navy SEAL commanders explain why they still wake up at 4:30 a.m. — and why you should, too - Duration: 1:46. Business Insider 3,235,168 views


Navy seals wear a variety of helmets from mich2000, ibh, mich full cut to opscore helmets. Most common are the mich varieties.


Navy SEAL and EOD went through dive school and jump school, but how come they don't wear the pins on their uniforms? But I saw an Army EOD wore his jump pin on the uniform. I was in the Navy, so I know that you can't wear more than 2 pins on the uniform (but he still can wear 2 of 3 pins: Trident & Dive Pin or Trident & Jump Pin).


What No Easy Day Reveals About Navy SEAL Gear The controversial book No Easy Day, written by a now-outed Navy SEAL, reveals the tools he took with him on the raid to get Osama bin Laden.


No, wearing the tan UDT shorts is not offensive and no, you dont have to be a SEAL or former UDT guy to wear them. There is a huge difference between wearing a T-shirt with the Trident on it, or a T-shirt that says "SEAL Team 2," than wearing simple tan UDT shorts.


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Navy SEALs are Prepared for Any Situation. Navy SEALs go through extensive Navy Seal training to prepare them for anything that comes their way. Navy SEALs are the world’s finest warriors, and they are members of a very small group of SEALs who do the most dangerous and physically demanding job in the military.