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If your rabbit is intact, try to avoid letting your rabbit run free in the house. Allowing your rabbit to freely roam the house will only set your rabbit up for disaster. Rabbits will often spray items that do not already contain their scent. You can also house intact rabbits away from each other.


Why Does my Rabbit Spray Urine on me. Most people think that owning and caring for a sweet docile creature like a rabbit is the easiest task to do. After adding a rabbit as pet member i...


Why do rabbits spray out blood? They don't if your rabbit is spraying out blood take it to the vet immediatly. Because she is probably really sick. share with friends. Share to:


Why Do Rabbits Spray? Both wild and tame rabbits spray urine to mark their territory due to hormonal urges. This behavior can often be curbed by spaying or neutering the rabbit. If the rabbit cannot be spayed or neutered, extra litter boxes can be placed inside the cage to catch any excess urine that is sprayed. Urine spraying can also be a ...


Male rabbits, like females, can become very aggressive when the testosterone kicks in, and the only truly viable solution for this problem is castration, also known as neutering. Testicular cancer, while far less common than uterine cancer, does occur, usually in older rabbits. Neutering eliminates this risk.


How do I discourage rabbits from spraying? Ask Question 8. Both my rabbits are fixed (spayed/neutered). ... spray the whole area with a 'bio-enzymatic cleaning agent' and let it dry for a couple of days. ... Why do rabbits leave droppings at the Romp? Related. 25. How do I discourage my cat from biting? 12.


Why does my bunny spray pee on me!? it is a six mo old male, every time I get close to the cage it hops up and sprays but only to me. any other time it pees normal...what is going on? how can I make it stop! ... Why does my rabbit lick me and herself when scratch her back? Do humans and pets have similar nutritional requirements? What are the ...


Why do rabbits spray urine? Answer They are spraying to "mark" their territory. It is to tell all other animals that this area belongs to them, plus all living things need to urinate sometime!


What To Do? Spraying is a hormonal, territorial behavior. You will not be able to override this basic instinct with reprimands or discipline. The rabbit is just being a rabbit. What can you do if your rabbit is a urine-sprayer? 1) Provide a larger cage with solid dividers.


Rabbit Behaviour Problem: Bad Litter Box Habits. Many rabbit owners experience problems with litter training their bunny. If your rabbit has bad litter box habits, like Rosie and Jim, read on to find out what might be causing the problem and how to resolve it. The Latrine