The tradition of dressing up for Halloween most likely comes from the Medieval practices of "mumming" and "going a-souling," which historically took place on All Saints Day and All Souls Day. Mumming meant dressing up in... More »

Cat dress-up games for Halloween include Halloween Kitten Dressup, Cute Kitty Cat Halloween, and Cute Cat Dress Up. Each of these games is available for free online. More » Holidays & Celebrations Holidays Halloween

Modern Halloween grew out of a number and ancient beliefs and practices, most notably the Gaelic Samhain and the Catholic All Saints Day. It is important to note that while Samhain dates back to before Roman times, it wa... More »

The tradition of Halloween tradition came from the Celtic people who lived in Europe more than 2000 years ago. Each year, the celebration began on the last day of October. More »

The day after Halloween is called All Saints Day. Celebrated on Nov. 1 each year, it is a Christian day of solemnity that is also referred to as Solemnity of All Saints, All Hallows or Hallowmas. More »

Most experts believe that the tradition of wearing costumes on Halloween originated in ancient days with the Celtic festival of Samhain, where participants lit fires and wore costumes to scare away ghosts. More »

Some common Halloween myths include that Halloween is a prime opportunity for bad people to poison children or sex offenders to kidnap children and that it is one of the most expensive holidays and on par with Christmas.... More »