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Octopuses evolved, most likely, from early gastropods and evolved arms and legs from what used to be funnels, their horn-shaped shells, and then grew an extra pair of arms for hunting, according to Sea Friends. It's not true that octopuses have eight legs; they actually have six legs and two arms.


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Octopuses may appear to have eight legs like arachnids, but they use only two of them to move. The rest are used for feeding, so we refer to them as animals with two legs and six arms.


Octopuses have two legs and six arms To most of us it has always seemed obvious that an octopus has eight arms. Claire Little, a marine expert from the Weymouth Sea Life Centre in Dorset, ...


Why do octopuses and squids have eight arms? - One of the most famous things about octopuses and squids is that they have eight arms! Octopuses and squids belong so a special category of sea-creatures with a funny-sounding name: Cephalopods. This ...


why does an octopus have 8 legs? Click in the link below on science Facts about Octopus for kids https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGmhitj4lLw Also watch these...


Octopuses also have an excellent sense of touch. The octopus's suction cups are equipped with chemoreceptors so the octopus can taste what it touches. Octopus arms do not become tangled or stuck to each other because the sensors recognise octopus skin and prevent self-attachment.


Why does an octopus have 8 legs, rather than 6, 7, 9 or 10? How tall are octopuses? How many legs does an octopus have? Does an octopus have 8 arms or 8 legs? Why do octopuses have to die shortly after mating? John Starmer, Studying marine biology for over 20 years. Working in the field for 15.


If the invertebrate structure has suckers along its entire length, it's called an arm; if it only has suckers at the tip, it's called a tentacle. By this standard, most octopuses have eight arms and no tentacles, while two other cephalopods, cuttlefish and squids, have eight arms and two tentacles.


Ask anyone how many arms an octopus has and the usual answer will be eight. But scientists now insist these nautical animals only have six. In a new study they found that the creatures used six of ...