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A cinnamon craving hasn't been connected with a definite cause. If you crave cinnamon, it may just reflect your desire for a favorite food, especially if you haven't eaten it for a while. It could also come from a need to eat sweets or be an ingredient in the type of foods you like to eat when your ...


Me too! I found this board because I googled "cinnamon craving." Over about the past week I've been craving cinnamon like crazy, and the more I eat the more I want. I'm putting it in cereal, and even in coffee. I've always liked cinnamon, but this seems extreme. And no, there's no chance I'm pregnant.


Why Do I Crave Cinnamon? Craving cinnamon may be a sign that the body needs assistance in regulating insulin and blood sugar levels. Those issues could also be symptoms of more significant health problems, such as liver failure or diabetes.


Cinnamon is an effective weapon against diabetes and assists the body in controlling insulin and blood sugar levels. If you find yourself craving cinnamon, it may be a signal that your pancreas needs a little extra help and that your blood sugar levels are outside of the normal range. What is Diabetes?


Does anyone know why someone would crave cinnamon ? I have a cousin who has to have cinnamon all the time. She has cinnamon red hots at work and has to eat some off and on all day. She has them by her bed, in the night stand. She buys cinnamon gum. Boils cinnamon on the stove, loves the house/air, says she loves house smelling like cinnamon. ...


craving cinnamon a sign of anemia? Lilliahna posted: I was told by a few people that craving cinnamon excessively- especially since I HATE cinnamon , ginger, and allspice- is a sign of anemia in pregnant women ... anyone know if this is true?


Answers from trusted physicians on what does it mean when you crave cinnamon. First: Oh, YOU have a bitter taste!Well,your question opens a wonderfully bitter can of worms.Taste is complicated.Bitter is one of the five basic tastes the tongue can distinguish.Dental problems aside,there's medications & foods that can leave a bitter taste.Coffee,tea,some herbs leave residues that stick aroun...


Cinnamon is probably the ultimate treatment option for yeast infections. Erratic eating habits – Sometimes due to work or other pressures we can either over eat or under eat. This often leads to food compromises, which in turn cause cravings especially if this is a regular thing.


The sweet tasting cinnamon can act as a natural method to control sugar cravings. Cinnamon reduces blood glucose levels, it reduces irritability and it is an excellent anti-fungal and anti-microbial agent. In addition to this, it also improves digestion and can be used as a sugar substitute.


Cravings: Why They Strike, How to Curb Them ... sweet aroma can automatically trip a strong desire for cinnamon rolls. Don't Blame Nutrition. ... Eat the Food You Crave Less Often.