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Picking Up Smells. Your dog's sense of smell could be his motivation for rubbing against the furniture, and in one of two ways. First, he could be marking his territory -- by rubbing against an object like your couch, he deposits his natural odor and identifies the object as his own.


Dogs also may rub up against things that stink as a way of notifying all the other canines in the vicinity of their impressive discovery. If a dog finds a dead squirrel carcass on the side of the road, smelling like the remains is probably the most effective way of getting his news across.


When dogs rub up against or roll around in feces, animal carcasses or garbage, this is considered a natural, instinctive behavior that helps dogs to mask their scent while hunting. Dogs express affection and territorial possession by leaning on or rubbing up against their owners or other human beings.


There are few things better than the feeling of a dog nuzzling up against you. And until dogs figure out how to maneuver those ridiculous little arms, nuzzling is like a pawesome head hug from your best buddy! However, looking a little closer, and taking a step back from the irresistible urge to ...


Cats like it when everything around them smells like them so that they feel comfortable. The cat is simply rubbing its smell in the dog to cover up any smells from outside by rubbing up against him. Cats will sometimes also do this to objects, people or other animals.


Best Answer: They are just trying to get another smell on them besides the shampoo you used. Be glad all they are doing is rubbing on your couch, some dogs will roll in dung to get the smell off of them. They do mark and let everybody know that they have been there, it's natural.


When we stroke our cats, or they rub up against our legs, we pick up these scents, too. That gives us a group scent identification. Cats will also use contact to communicate urgency, from gentle reminders of feeding time to a demanding insistent rub.


Dog Rubs Body Up Against Furniture and Walls and Obsessively Licks I've noticed a slight behavioral change in my dog, Vincent, over the past couple of months. He has gotten into the habit of rubbing his body up against furniture, walls, etc. This normally wouldn't bother me, but I'm starting to notice marks on the walls from his collar and he's ...


Dogs love it when we rub and scratch them in all the right places, and if no one is around to help out, they can take scratching duties into their own "hands" by rubbing up against your sofa or dining room table. However, there are a variety of other reasons that can account for furniture-rubbing ...


Thank you, Nicholas Thornhill, for your A2A: “Why do cats love rubbing against things?” Cats are territorial. They like to mark their territory, be it your couch, the bedpost, the scratching post, or you. They have scent glands around the mouths, ...