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7 Reasons Cats Love to Lick Plastic. ... Why do cats do this? What’s up with this obsession with stuff that’s not very tasty and even potentially fatal? There are several theories as to why ...


Why Cats Lick Plastic, and Other Odd Behaviors Explained ... She already knows he likes licking the plastic bag lining her trash can, and she’s keen to find out why. ... Some cats do engage in ...


Why do cats lick plastic bags? Extensive online research shows it is not just plastic bags which appear to be cat tongue attractants, but photographs as well. The activity of bag licking varies among cats; not all cats lick bags and not all bags get licked.


Even chemicals in plastic can be attractive. Cats lick at the bag to try to get some of the taste that corresponds to the scent. Our thoughts: We’re not sure about this one. It might be true, but it doesn’t explain licking plastic bags or other plastic items that don’t include these animal products—which cats definitely do. Theory 2:


Why does my cat always lick plastic bags? It is annoying and I would like to know the reason. We keep most or all of the bags out of her reach. Thanks – E. While a plastic bag obsession can seem ...


Why Do Cats Lick Plastic? Home Pets & Animals Pets Cats Cats may enjoy licking plastic bags for a variety of reasons, including the smell of the previous contents of the bag, the noise the bag makes, the texture of the bag on the cat's tongue and attraction to the cornstarch or lubricants the plastic is treated with.


This gives plastic a smell that entices some cats to chew on or lick it. Some plastics have other chemicals in them that have interesting smells which can attract cats. It’s possible that cats detect a smell that mimics pheromones. Licking the plastic could cause a flehmen response, and could also be why a cat will urinate on a plastic bag.


Some cats take a liking to chewing on or eating plastic, but this can be problematic. Find out why your cat does it and what you can do to protect them.


One look at their teeth, however, quickly reminds us that felines haven't lost their ability to bite and chew, just like their untamed cousins.. What they do with those teeth can be hazardous to all sorts of household objects — and even to cats themselves if the nosh item of choice happens to be plastic.


Some people believe that the reason our cats love to lick on plastic is because of its texture. The smooth texture feels good on a cat’s tongue and the lower temperature of the plastic makes them want to lick it.. It is closely similar to how infants love to suck on their thumbs.