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Rick Petko originally worked for Orange County Choppers full time but left the company to focus on his own business. Rick Petko is still listed on the Orange County Choppers TV show website, but it is made clear he is no longer a member of the team. He joined OCC in 2003 and was still a full-time employee when production of the TV series started.


Rick Petko worked at the Orange County Choppers and appeared in the reality show, American Chopper from 2003 to 2012. Why did he leave OCC? What's he doing now?


Rick Petko left Orange County Choppers to open his own shop, Rick Petko Design (RPD) & Co. RPD is located in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania and focuses on custom welding, metal fabrication and blacksmith work. Petko is still listed on the OCC television show's website, but he is no longer an active member of the team, as he lives over 70 miles away.


RICK PETKO American Chopper (2003 - 2012) THEN: Rick Petko joined Orange County Choppers as a fabricator and builder in July 2003, just after American Chopper began filming, and quickly became a fan favorite. And we do mean fan favorite -- when Senior and Junior went their own ways years later, viewers launched a "Free Rick" movement, hoping to see Rick reunited with Vinnie and Junior at...


Did Rick Pekto Leaves Orange County Choppers? What Is His Net Worth? Rick Petko Biography: A motorbike enthusiast from Pennsylvania, Rick Petko was born on September 11, 1968. Rick Petko is a ...


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Did Rick Petko leave occ? I stopped by OCC on Monday February 14 2011 and saw Rick walking through the show room with Jason and into the shop. From the observation area, I saw him fabricating a ...


Where Is Rick Petko After Leaving American Chopper! December 29, 2017. 27263. Share on Facebook. Tweet on Twitter. If you were the type of guy who would simply sit in front of your TV and spend hours and hours of watching your favorite TV show, then you must be familiar with the feeling of closeness to the people in the show. As each episode ...


What happened to Rick Petko from American Chopper? Where's He Now? Rick Petko Wiki: Net Worth, Wife, Age, Wedding, Salary, Married, Affair, Children. Rick Petko is a motorcycle mechanic, known for his appearance in the reality TV series “American Chopper” between 2006-2012 and worked with Paul Teutal Sr. and Paul Jr.


American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior Communication Breakdown Mikey and Senior both say they want to meet up, but go back and forth about the conditions they will meet under.OCC uses every last minute to complete their bike for US Biker Law.PJD unveils their bike for Dekalb.. For a second I was sure that was a repeat but it isn’t, PJD is still working on the DeKalb corn bike.