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Why Did Germans Come to Texas? German citizens immigrated to Texas in the 1830s to escape economic, social, political and religious problems in their homeland. Johann Friedrich Ernst was the first German to immigrate to America. Ernst and his followers initially settled in New Orleans. In 1831, he was granted over 4,000 acres in what is now ...


GERMANS.The largest ethnic group in Texas derived directly from Europe was persons of German birth or descent. As early as 1850, they constituted more than 5 percent of the total Texas population, a proportion that remained constant through the remainder of the nineteenth century.


German Texan (German: Deutschtexaner) is both a term to describe immigrants who arrived in the Republic of Texas from Germany from the 1830s onward and an ethnic category which includes their descendants in today's state of Texas.The arriving Germans tended to cluster in ethnic enclaves; the majority settled in a broad, fragmented belt across the south-central part of the state, where many ...


Within a couple of years his neighbors included other German families, such as the Klebergs, a family later to become associated with the King Ranch in South Texas. The largest immigration of Germans came in the 1840s when the Adelsverein (The Society for the Protection of German Immigrants in Texas) organized at Biebrich on the Rhine near Mainz.


Germans came to Texas starting in the 1830's and continued until the 1890's. They came to the US looking for better opportunities. Read More. share: Why did people settle in San Antonio?


Why did Germans come to Texas? one reason is because of the potato famine. they use mostly potatoes in their diet. Why did the Germans come to Texas? they came for potatoe fanime Read More. share:


German Texans actively participated in politics, and by 1846 a German language version of Texas law was in place. In 1851, Meusebach began a term as a Texas senator. A number of Germans fought in the war for Texas independence. Despite the general desire to remain with the Union, many Germans fought on the side of the Confederacy in the Civil War.


"Not all the German immigrants who came to Texas during the thirties remained in Houston and Galveston, their first stop. Some went into the interior and laid the basis for a number of German settlements in Austin, Fayette, and Colorado counties.


With towns named Fredericksburg and New Braunfels, the Texas Hill Country obviously has been influenced by German immigrants in the past.When did these immigrants arrive, and what drove them to the Texas Hill Country? Find the answers in the history of Germans in the Texas Hill Country.

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Although until 1848, not many Czechs could immigrate, some did. These early arrivals gravitated to the German communities due to the similarities. Several of these early immigrants found life in frontier Texas much better than life in the Czech homeland. (I should mention that Texas was still frontier land at this time.