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Neither Ethiopia nor Liberia remained completely independent. In 1936, Italy invaded Ethiopia and held it for five years as a colony. From its founding in 1820 until 1847, Liberia was governed as a colony by the American Colonization Society.


Ethiopia is a mountainous nation that has existed for thousands of years, even existing as the kingdom of Axum in Roman times. It was a powerful empire at the time of the scramble for Africa, and, since it lacks natural resources, had a large mili...


Best Answer: Liberia had been set up by USA as a country for freed slaves,so was effectively a US colony anyway. Ethiopia was generally regarded as off limits to imperialism,as it had been a Christian kingdom for well over 1000 years ( a major pretext for European imperialism in Africa was to spread Christianity).


During the early 1900s, Ethiopia remained an independent country despite European colonization of Africa in the 19th century. Ethiopia affirmed its independence from Italy after its victory in the ...


These two cases are very different. Ethiopia did manage to stay independent, for various reasons best explained by an expert in the subject, but Liberia as a nation was essentially created by the United States as a place to repatriate manumitted slaves.


Two independent nations in Africa during the late 1800s were the countries of Ethiopia and Liberia. Ethiopia has remained an independent nation since ancient times except for an invasion by the ...


How did Liberia and Ethiopia remain independent from imperialism? ... Why did Ethiopia remain independent? it never remain independent, it was under the fascist Italians for 4-5yrears! in the 1935 ...


Two nations however, were still independent the whole period; Ethiopia formerly known as Abyssinia and Liberia. For both countries, their status of freedom from foreign rule is however a subject of debate. The history of Liberia exposes the controversy of their consideration as a never colonized country.


Independence for Liberia July 26, 1847 Americans opposed to slavery back in the early 1800s were divided over the issue of colonization (forming separate colonies) for African Americans instead of integrating them into the United States. It was a very controversial notion among both blacks and whites.


Start studying Chapter 12 The New Imperialism. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. ... why was Ethiopia able to stay independent from European rule. ... what were the only countries that were able to stay independent in africa. Ethiopia and liberia. who was the father of modern egypt. muhammed ali.