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Magpies do not steal trinkets and are positively scared of shiny objects, according to new research. The study appears to refute the myth of the “thieving magpie”, which pervades European ...


Perhaps one of the best-known examples of a bird that likes shiny things, the magpie has entered into popular folklore as an animal that, given a chance, will attempt to steal a trinket or similar object. The magpie has a distinctive appearance, being black and white in color, with green and blue hues among its feathers.


Magpie nesting in a bunch of shiny objects. Via source.. Humans, unfortunately, tend to like stereotypes. Perhaps we prefer a world that is neat and orderly–one that is easily identifiable.


As with so many aspects of evolution this is to do with sexual selection. Magpies collect shiny objects for display in an attempt to attract a mate.


Crow curiosities: Do crows collect shiny objects? The notion that corvids, especially magpies, have a special affinity for shiny object has been around for more than a century. In fact to refer to someone as a magpie is to describe them as someone who ‘ compulsively collects or hoards small objects’ .


The bit of leafy Dublin suburbia my son lives in was obviously a choice territory and it was held by a particularly large magpie. The notion that magpies steal shiny objects is ancient and widespread.


The Whole "Magpies Like Shiny Objects" Thing Is Vicious Bird Slander ... one pile of shiny things (metal screws, small foil rings, and a small rectangular piece of aluminium foil) and one pile of ...


"Magpies are not attracted to shiny objects and don't routinely steal small trinkets such as jewelry, according to a new study. In European culture, it is widely accepted that magpies (Pica pica ...


Magpies DON'T like shiny objects: Study finds the birds are actually scared of new and unfamiliar items. Psychologists from Exeter University carried out tests on magpie groups


A couple more magpie things... In the 70's, ITV had a version of Blue Peter called Magpie. The theme tune was a rock version of the poem mentioned above. It was sung by the band Murgatroyd. Folklore has it that magpies like stealing shiny things like jewellery from peoples homes. In Brighton there is a long standing re-cycling group called Magpie.